Power Wheels S550 Mustang, Traction and Stability Control.
The S550 Mustang has been one of the most popular Mustangs of all time. It has broke many sales records and appealed to more customers than ever before. Most recently with all of the rumors floating around of a mid-cycle refresh, it is no wonder that Ford has decided to partner with a top name like Fisher Price to tease the inner child in all of us.., especially the enthusiast …
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Mustangs wins SEMA Shows Hottest Car Award for Ford
For the third year in a row, Ford took home the SEMA Award for the Hottest Car, an award that recognizes the vehicles specialty equipment manufacturers believe are the best for customization.The coveted awards were presented to company executives earlier this month at a SEMA breakfast attended by nearly 3,000 industry representatives, business owners and working press in the We …
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