C.A.R.B Compliant

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High-performance intakes, catalytic converters, and other aftermarket components may seem appealing, but they can lead to issues with smog tests. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) oversees air quality and emissions, and any non-compliant aftermarket items cannot be lawfully sold or delivered to California addresses. Thankfully, KMP Accessories offers numerous 50-State Legal products, making them permissible in California and other states with enforced CARB regulations (e.g., New York).

To be classified as CARB-Compliant, a product must undergo thorough testing. If it passes without negatively impacting emissions, it receives a CARB executive order (EO) number. This number may be displayed on a sticker, metal tag, or stamped directly on the product. When undergoing emissions testing in a CARB-regulated state, the EO number must be clearly visible.

KMP Accessories does not ship non-CARB compliant items to CARB-regulated states, including California. For assistance in finding a CARB compliant product, please call 1(844)567-7223 to speak with a KMP Product Specialist.



KMP Accessories - Disclaimer

Please note that all parts offered on KMP Accessories are aftermarket components and may potentially void your factory warranty. Customers assume all risks associated with the installation of these parts.

Furthermore, custom tuning by SCT, Pedal Commander, AFE Power or any other companies we offer, involves retail products that modify your factory PCM tuning. KMP Accessories accepts no responsibility for any risks or consequences associated with these PCM alterations.