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Cold Air Intakes

Ford F150 Cold Air Intakes

A simple and easy way to give your engine a little more power is to install an aftermarket cold air intake to take in more cooler and denser air. With this latest rendition of the new F150, you will find that it pulls in more air than previous models. Aftermarket cold air intakes feature extra-tough construction, such as hand-poured urethane tubing, constructed to enable high volume, unobstructed air flow. Many include heat dams to keep engine heat from warming the air and cutting down on the amount of oxygen by expanding the air. They also feature washable dry or oiled filters able to cleanse high volumes of air fast, keeping out particulates without choking off the air flow. 

Another great thing is these intakes do not require a performance tune. You can just bolt them on and your good to go. Another great feature is most people notice an improvement in fuel economy after installing one.  Far less gas is wasted as droplets sprayed out of the tailpipe after failing to ignite in an oxygen-poor combustion chamber. The oxygen rich air charge enables a powerful flame front that burns the gas thoroughly and doesn't waste any.


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