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Help & Faqs

Help and Frequently Asked Questions


Order Questions:


What is the process for orders?

Shortly after your order is placed, an email confirmation containing your order information will be sent to the email address associated with your user account if you are a registered user or the email address you provided during checkout if you placed the order as a guest. Once the order is received, and processed it is then picked, packed, and shipped by the order fulfillment staff. From this point, once the order is picked up by the carrier you will receive another email containing your shipper tracking information which you can use to track your order.

Tracking notifications are sent as soon as they are generated and although we do our best to offer same day shipping on most orders placed by 1:00 pm Central Time, tracking information may not be provided by the carrier until the following business day.

Note: All regular in stock ground shipping and expedited orders placed by 1:00 pm Central Time will ship the same day. All in stock truck freight orders placed by 11:00am Central Time time will ship the same day.

Why haven't I received my order confirmation?

1. It is possible the email was intercepted by a spam filter. Make sure to check your spam or deleted items folder for an email from KMP Accessories. Although you have received your emails in the past, your email provider may have made a security update that may now send your email to your spam folder. 
2. You entered an invalid email address at checkout. 99% of all failed confirmations are due to a typo while entering the email address.

If you still cannot locate the confirmation emails, visit our Contact Us Page.

How can I get a tracking number?

All orders placed with a valid email address will receive shipper tracking information automatically via email. This email is dispatched once your order has been invoiced and the tracking #(s) have been generated in our warehouse. Please keep in mind tracking is not typically available until the following business day. 

Do you accept PayPal payments?

Yes, we accept PayPal. If shopping here on our website, just click the "Check Out With PayPal" icon during our easy check out process. You can also choose bill me later offered through your PayPal account.

Currently, PayPal payments can only be done online at this time. Customer Sales Reps are unable to process your PayPal payments over the phone.


General Questions:


Which side do you mean when you say RH and LH?

This has been something for debate for quite a while, yet there is only one true definition. The easiest way is just to imagine that you are sitting in the driver's seat. LH items would be at the left hand or driver's side. RH items would be at the right hand or passenger's side. Again the Driver Side of the vehicle is always the Left Hand (LH) side, and the Passenger Side of the vehicle is always the Right Hand (RH) Side.


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