Oil Separators

2005-2014 S197 Mustang Engine Oil Separators / Catch Cans

A small but important component you can add to your engine, keeping the crankcase exhaust oil vapor from entering your intake and harming your engine. Without one of these separators in place, the crankcase exhaust flows back through the system and is sucked into your engine's intake. Crankcase exhaust is filled with thick oil vapor, and this condenses out in the intake, causing clogging and damage. An oil separator is an inline insert for the PCV line. All crankcase exhaust is diverted into the oil separator, which removes most of it and collects it in a cylinder that you can empty periodically. We offer a good selection to choose from, some with extra features like carbon filters. Conquer engine sludge in your engine with easy-to-install separators from KMP Accessories.


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